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25th December 2017

We will share our Christmas Day service with Lenton Methodist Church on Derby Road at 10.30.

Christmas Dinner 1pm

A special Christmas Dinner will be served at our church on Christmas morning.

You will need to book your place as soon as possible but the mal is free. You are especially welcome if you need company or have nowhere to cook yourself dinner.

Come and join us as we explore and worship in the Rainbow Zone, Word Zone, Listening Zone and the Quite Zone. All sorts of different ways to hear Gods word to us   Sunday 24th December Explore Christmas 2017 10.45


Sunday Morning  December 17th 2017 Popcorn Sunday
Young Church  featuring the Friends and Hero’s Series

Carols By Candlelight 4pm 17 December 2017

A chance for our community to come together and sing carols and here the story of Christmas.

Everyone welcome

Saturday 16th 2017 Children’s Christmas Party

All local children welcome, just come along

Love Lenton December 7th 2017

287 people from our community joined us for this special event, partly to celebrate the opening of the Lenton Green housing complex opposite the church.

It was a very special occasion with all sorts of community groups involved and we were privileged to be the host; we hope everyone who came really enjoyed it and thank to all our partners for their hard work.

From street dancing to entertainment to creative arts to advice stores to  free food to bouncy castles and sports in the tent! it was a great afternoon.

As a Nottingham Age Friendly Supporters we  celebrated Older Peoples Day  at Palmer Court.

We reminisced! We Quizzed! and we ate a lovely tea. 








21st October 50th Anniversary Event

It was good to look back at history, you can learn from the past as well as discover why you do what you do know. Thomas Helwys really was an amazing and inspiring pioneer.

We are very privileged to carry his name. May we carry his legacy forward in our own times.



Welcome to Rachel Tomlinson!

Rachel is a CYM student at St Johns College Nottingham on placement with us as a Children, Young Peoples and Community Worker.   We are so excited that Rachel has joining our team in the church and at Tommy’s for the next 3 years and are really looking forward to working with her.

Nottingham City City Homes Tenants Fun Day 16th September 2017

It was an amazing event and we were glad to take our BBQ along and serve the community and raise some funds for Tommy’s

We served 550 burgers! What a fab team. thanks to Jane, Tony. Marc, Gill and Idir for all their really hard work.

Lillian Greenwood our MP hosted a coffee morning at THBC on Friday 15th September 2017 and it was great to see so many people from the community come to meet and  discuss issues with her.

Community BBQ 12 August 2017

Idir TIm Jane and Gill serving burgers.

This years BBQ seemed bigger than ever, thank you to everyone who made it a lovely community day for Lenton, special thanks to Nottingham City Council for their contribution of funding.

The bouncy castle and face painting were and extra treat that the children just loved.

no idea who this is!

It was not just the children having fun!


Tommy’s Strawberry Tea at Palmer Court 6th July 2017

Jane Fox about to serve up a treat

Food funded by Nottingham City Homes


enjoying the hospitality

Palmer Court is a wonderful housing scheme for people over 50 years. Nottingham City Homes are very proud of this nationally recognised housing accommodation and they work very hard to ensure their residents can make the most of their home.

Pauline and June with the Sherif of Nottingham

Tommy’s work with Nottingham City Homes as a volunteer group in Palmer Court helping to get people together, usually over some good  food and activities

On Wednesday we were invited to meet with a Hong Kong delegation that were being host by NCH.

Meeting with Nottingham City Homes and Hong Kong Delegation. Yes they are robin hood hats!
Michelle who is on hand to help residents



Sunday 18th June 2017  Fathers Day was a great excuse to have a bacon cob and a cuppa before the service! Please don’t let’s wait for another good excuse, let’s do it again soon!

Sunday Fun Day 

Lenton Recreation Ground 11th June 2017

Our local CPO’s and parents doing the egg and spoon race – great fun!

Our day was dedicated to Jo Cox and cards and roses were given out in her memory, we wanted the event to celebrate what we have in common as a community and I think we did that!

We partnered with our Nottingham City Council and Nottingham University who funded the event, as well as Holy Trinity, The Lenton Centre and Dunkirk and Lenton Community Centre and organisations including LDNRA came on the day to make it a memorable event. We provided a BBQ, ‘Robins Racers’ and Disney Dancing! Loads of other community groups joined in the fun and so many people came together it was amazing. We were joined by Councillor Dave Trimble and Councillor Sarah Piper. And Our newly elected MP Lillian Greenwood.

Idir hard at work on the BBQ
Iffat our Local City Council Organiser with Councillor Sarah Piper
Tribute to Jo Cox – Cards and Flowers
the Tommy’s BBQ Team Jane and Tony Fox with Idir

“Lovely afternoon at Lenton community festival. Touching to see loads of white roses being given out in memory of Jo Cox. And props to Lilian Greenwood, recently reelected MP for coming given the amount of sleep she has had recently”    Virginia Rochester

May 30th  Election Husting’s 

We co hosted a hustings with Tasty Tuesday with questions from regular dinners at the community meal and others from our community. All the South Nottingham Parties where represented.

Baptist Union of Great Britain Assembly, Harrogate May 13 2017                           A number of TH folk attended this years Assembly as our Minister received affirmation of becoming a Fully Accredited Baptist Minister

Left to Right Ingrid, Millie, Isabel, Gloria and Miriam
Robin, Jenny and John
Gill receives her handshake from Diane Tidball President of the BU
Then a hug!

more about BU Assembly 2017





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