Tommy’s Community Cafe’

Tommys Community Cafe’ is at the heart of our community

and from it all of our community projects run.

Its a unique space for everyone!


  • a yummy opportunity to get a cheap and nutritious lunch
  • a chance to get to chat to other people.

Tommy’s is open on MondayTuesday from 9am – 3:00pm.

and  Wednesday 11.45 – 2pm

Lovely Selection of Cakes

You can try our famous  jacket potato with beans, cheese salad and other fills or one of our specials. Theres soup on the menu most days and various salads. In the summer we also roll out the BBQ.

We have a breakfast Club on a Monday morning, where you can get a free continental breakfast of cereal and toast etc and for a reasonable price a full cooked breakfast.

Tea coffee and biscuits are free throughout the day, but we also have posh teas, latte, cappuccino, short whites and mocha etc for a small charge.

The place is usually buzzing and most of our community partners drop in for their meetings, so if you need to meet someone from City Homes, City Council or even a Community Police Officer, you’ll find them enjoying a jacket!

We have a PAY IT FORWARD scheme that lets you pay a little  extra if you want to, towards a meal for people who are homeless, who also join us for meals and other services.

There is a food bank on Monday and Tuesday for emergency food needs, no referral required. Our partners are Himmah (a muslim social enterprise) provide the parcels which are supplemented with donations from THBC and University Students when they leave to go home.

Running along side Tommy’s is:-

  • Meadows Advice: here you can get one to one help and advice in all matters to do with welfare rights, debt and money. This facility has helped so many people over the years, with there friendly and confidential approach.
  • Our Craft Group is there to do the craft of your choice but with other people, its great to knit and natter!
  • By far the noisiest group is on a Monday with the Domino’s!
  • Prayer Meeting 1.30pm on Tuesdays
  • Tommy’s Tots


There are loads of opportunities to Volunteer at Tommy’s and we have a full range of informal and formal personal development pathways you can join.



Short clip from an old BBC East Midlands Today:

Featuring Christine our former co-ordinator; although things have moved on a little from these days in terms of our community and particularly we  maintained the same unique space for everyone to come to.

(Simon, the poet, has died since this recording)

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