Tommy’s Visiting Scheme

In September 2016 our Parish Nurse retired, we replaced the Scheme with Tommy’s Visiting Scheme as part of a new initiative called ‘Lets Get Together’. Let’s Get Together has brought together voluntary groups concerned with caring for older people in our community. Along with DOLCA and Nottingham City Council we drew together many small projects in our community with a free transport system that means older people can enjoy the facilities at one location and easily get to another.

We know from research the health effects of loneliness and isolation, especially in our community which has a high student population. Having a visitor round for a cuppa can make a lot of difference. If you or someone you know might benefit from this do contact us to see if we can help

Robin is our Visiting Scheme Co Ordinator and you can arrange to speak to him about a visit by calling 0115 941 4063 or emailing



Blood pressure checkWe are also delighted to report that our parish nurse Andy Powell has returned

as a volunteer visitor, much to the joy of some of his clients! Here is Andy in Parish Nurse role taking Councillor Trimble’s blood pressure




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