Good Friday Walk

Folk from Thomas Helwys, Lenton Methodist and Holy Trinity met at TH for a short and thoughtful service. It was a bright but cold day for the walk around Lenton today. Splitting up for a short, medium or long walk – a cross being carried by those on the medium walk. Joining together outside the flats to sing, then a quick retreat to the Methodist church for soup and bread.


Thomas Helwys has got talent!

To celebrate the anniversary of the forming of Thomas Helwys Baptist Church, we had a fish and chip supper and talent show. There were some super acts – pianists, flautists a song about dinosaurs and some story telling also. The winner was a trio, acting the story ‘My cat likes to hide in boxes’. Well done to all the acts, and to Alice for organising the event.



Pancakes and Prayers


Tonight we joined with other churches in Lenton starting off with some yummy pancakes followed by the opportunity to pray for Lenton in lots of different ways. We looked a different images, wrote some prayers and gave thanks for things and even planted some bulbs with prayers we wrote and prayed as we dug the holes and filled in the soil.

Christingles and Carols

Great services today. In this morning’s service we made Christingles. Photo is of some that we’re made with the sunlight pouring through the windows making shadows behind.

The service later was carols and readings by candlelight, a mixture of singing by the choir and altogether, interspersed with Bible readings.

Goodbye Andrew!

Andrew took his last service on 20th November. He is going on to become a hospital chaplain, working across QMC and City sites.

We thank Andrew for the years he has given us. We remember him and his family as this is a time of change for them too.

So now we start the search for a new minister. There is a long way to go as we need to think about where we are now as a church and where we want to go, not forgetting where we think God wants us to go. It is a bit daunting, but it is an exciting time too.

Let the adventure continue!

(A podcast of the service is now available)


Yesterday we had a fantastic sausage and mash supper as part of our harvest celebrations. Thank you to all who played a part in organising or bringing food, and not forgetting those who cleared up afterwards. And thanks to our friends from the Methodist church and Holy Trinity church for joining us for the celebration.

Today we had a great spread of offerings that people had brought. The tins and pasta and other foods will go to help feed the homeless. In the service we were all invited to join in decorating a table ready for a banquet. We had plates, flowers, a centrepiece, flowers, knives and forks, confetti and even fireworks! Then with all the food we brought there was just one thing missing. People. We are all of us invited to come to the wedding banquet.

From Matthew 22:
‘Go to the street corners and invite to the banquet anyone you find.’ So the servants went out into the streets and gathered all the people they could find, both good and bad, and the wedding hall was filled with guests.

Website updated…

Short note to say that we have moved internet hosting provider and also the site is now powered by WordPress.  What does that mean?  It means it is much easier to create news updates like these!

You can also subscribe to an RSS feed of these posts and get updated whenever more news is added. Learn about RSS here.

What Makes a Church?

We’ve been thinking about how the church is made up of lots of different people. We are not all the same. Some like marshmallows and some like liquorice. It takes all sorts to make up the church.


Getting Messy

This Sunday we got our paints and craft stuff in the church hall and finger painted, cut, glued, ripped, stuck, and generally had a very creative time. There was an opportunity to explore church in a different way and also to chat during our time together, instead of just at the coffee time after the service.


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