Advent Post: 3rd December

Well I don’t know about you but I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by the thought of everything that is to be done over the next few weeks. I have lists coming out of my ears, and vague thoughts whizzing into my brain (“must remember to get extra cake ingredients for all the baking…”) that frustratingly are gone a moment later leaving me with with the unsettling feeling most of the time that I need to do something – but what I don’t know. The kids have numerous Christmas parties to attend; and they keep coming up with yet more presents they want to add to their Christmas present list. I still don’t know what to get for several friends and family. It all makes me feel tired and wishing it was all over already. I came across this poem below though – hope it’s as helpful to you as it was to me. With love, Vidge x

An anxious note to baby Jesus – Peter Thurston

Dear Lord,

I feel tired before it’s even started.
The cards (should I bother?)
The presents (who to buy for?)
The decorations (real or artificial?)
The family… (enough said)
The crowds, the hassle, the weather –
Wake me up when it’s all over.

I know I shouldn’t feel this way
but if I’m honest,
Advent –
it makes me weary just thinking about it.

Which makes me wonder,
how was it for you?
Were you weary too?
Just thinking about it?
The call, the life-long challenge, to
hear God,
listen to God,
follow God?
For those with ears to hear
and eyes to see,
to be God?

All begun in makeshift circumstances.
(Sorry, Lord, we were not better prepared –
some things don’t change.)
A sign of things to come,
of an uphill struggle
to make your voice heard.
Uphill towards Jerusalem.
Uphill to the Mount of Olives.
Uphill to the hill of execution.

Hoping we would follow.

Hoping we would understand you,
respond to you,
welcome you then,
welcome you now.

Lord, were you tired before it even started?
Or was your love your inner energy,
the love you received your support,
the love you gave a light in the darkness,
the love you give the strength I need?

Will you help me through Advent, dear Lord,
little one?

Give me the grace to greet you
without suppressed sighs of weariness.
Give me the generosity to invite you home
without thought to the inconvenience.
Give me the will to rise to your demands,
to share your love and to receive it.

It’s not so much to ask, I know,
when you have faced it all –
the Advent task, the Christmas hope –
two thousand times before.

(Source: The Methodist Church in Britain Website


7 thoughts on “Advent Post: 3rd December”

  1. I like the poem. I read it today at lunchtime, along with trying to do six other things ‘quickly’. In the end I just stopped everything else and read it.

    Interesting to think about Jesus knowing the task ahead and yet still choosing it. It has popped into my head a few times today.

  2. It’s the bit about love giving you inner strength that I like. That’s what I’ve felt today through the prayers of others. Jesus ‘s love is certainly empowering!

  3. I read this today on a blog that seemed to echo some of this above …

    “The current Westfield shopping centre advert claims ‘we are Christmas’. On day One of this advent journey, let our prayer be ‘lead us not into temptation’. They are words perhaps we need to pray every day over this advent season, as we are surrounded by a cacophony of siren voices that tempt, beguile and suck us in to practices that serve the gods of mammon, stomach and the dulling of hopeful and faithful imagination that hopes and expects the coming of God.”

    I thought that phrase “cacophony of siren voices” was fitting at times!

  4. Following from my post yesterday – which in hindsight wasnt very clear! I have been thinking a bit more on this and how easy it is to become overwhelmed at this time of year – I have been drivjng a lot today so in an effort to stay positive I made myself consider what parts of Christmas I like. One of these things that came immediately to mind was the giving of gifts – particulary surprises!

    A bit later this struck me as quite fitting as Christmas is after all a celebration of the most generous gift of all, a gift from our Heavenly Father – to us the most undeserving of people

    On a lighter note and following the theme of surprises I always enjoy watching this …

    If the link doesn’t work, try googling “hallelujah, flash mob, food court”


  5. Love the link to the flash mob Nam, it seems very symbolic of the amazing beauty of God’s love breaking into our mundane and consumerist life. I’m going to try and keep thinking of that whilst I try not to panic about what there is still to do …

  6. Thanks for that Nam. Our God is a God of surprises and we would do well to remember it sometimes! Truly amazing and can’t be contained!

  7. Dear all!

    I know it is not easy, specially to families with children, but people should forget about all about this gift giving tradition. I would tell my child that Christmas is not about gifts, and that is it. No gifts. But, we would have special times together through these weeks. We would make our own toys, dolls from things what we find in parks or in the woods. Would bake together, not much because Christmas is not about eating! Instead of shopping, hurrying and rushing we would stay home together, and relax. Calm down, praying, and having quality time together. Really concentrate on Christ and on His message to us, and concentrate on our family. And yes, I would tell to everybody, that we celebrate Christmas in a quiet way. No party! I know it sounds harsh, but this is the only way to return to the origin meaning and celebrating Christ’s born.

    God bless you all


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