Advent: Trying something new…

Soon, we will begin to celebrate the period of Advent. The time of year when Christians look forward to the coming of Christ both as a baby and His second coming.

We want to try something new this year. So during the period of advent, there will be a number of posts on the website which will have some readings, some thoughts and reflections to help you engage with advent.

If you subscribe to the TH website (which you can do at the bottom of the website) then you will receive an email every time there is a new post.

But we don’t want to this just to be you reading the posts, we encourage you to join in, and add your own comments to the posts. Thus though we may be individuals celebrating advent, we can in a sense be celebrating together. The initial post provoking comments, and possibly those comments going on to encourage further thoughts and further comments.

If you do leave a comment, you can elect to receive an email whenever somebody else contributes on that post.

We aren’t exactly sure how this will work, but we want to give it a try and see if this could be another way to let God into our lives.

(And if you are wondering if you will be signing up to receive emails from the TH website for the rest of your life, you can unsubscribe whenever you want.)

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