What is the point of church meetings?


Let me quickly say I do not think church meetings are pointless! But I do wonder sometimes what God makes of our church meetings at THBC. Are there some things we should be talking about that aren’t on the agenda? Are there some things we should not be talking about? I remember a church meeting (which was before I was at THBC, so I think I am safe to say this) where we literally spent quarter of an hour talking about what colour paper we should use to print the leaflets on – is that right?church-meetings
The Baptist Union of Great Britain talks about Church Meetings being one of the nine things that makes up common Baptist belief:

In a Baptist church, an illustration of the priesthood of all believers is the church meeting. This is the occasion when members come together to prayerfully discern God’s will for their life together. In Baptist churches the final authority rests not with the ministers or deacons but with the members gathered together in church meetings.

Is this what our church meetings feel like?

Church meetings can:

• Allow God to speak clearly and powerfully through our gatherings together.
• Be agonising occasions at times
• Give the opportunity to listen for the voice of the Spirit
• Seem to go on for ages
• Allow all to participate in the life of the church

Here’s a question – do we need change our church meetings so that they truly give us the opportunity to listen to God? To talk about what is truly important?

What should church meetings look like, now, for us at THBC? More structure? Less structure? Fine as they are?

The good news is that we can decide what we want our church meetings to be like. And the even better news is that we have a congregational meeting to discuss just this subject on 12th June – Mike Fegredo will be leading us.

So, whatever your present experience of church meetings, please do come along and help shape what future church meetings will be like. If you are unable to make the meeting itself, please do share your thought with the deacons.

-Gus Rochester


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