Living Below the Line: Day 1


Baked Potato 19p Makro
Tin of Beans 24p (Aldi)
Two Slices of Tomato (Tomatoes 2 for 5 day 20p
Four Slices of cucumber (half a cucumber 22p Aldi)

A ‘not fair’ day to begin ‘Living Below the Line’ on a £1 a day. The same day I offer to cook bacon butties for the builders working on Lenton flats! oh that wonderful smell of cooking bacon! Not to mention the 20 baked potatoes I cooked for the local community! I only had 4 glasses of water!

A not fair day maybe, but then somehow that sum’s it all up, it’s ‘not fair’ all the time for most people in our the world, who live below the line, still servicing the needs in the rich west.